Real Estate 20 years later

I see three or more real estate agents scattered inside almost all the malls here in Cebu. Giving pamphlet, calling customers and asking them to contact the number anytime if they want to talk about purchasing a new property. Other people may find them trying-hard and annoying. But they are not going away any time soon. Real Estate is going to stay and will stay strong for 20 years.

My husband and I purchased a house through a real estate broker four years ago. We were hesitant at first but the Real Estate Broker was persistent and asked us to check the site first and decide after”. So I thought, why not? Checking these sites will not cost me any dime.

We’ve visited three sites and two of which we thought are unstable, though the price was affordable. Third one was worth 1.1 Million back then. It is made of brick and it is sturdy, aside from it being an elegant looking house.

The price was too big for us since our family is getting bigger and we have a lot of bills to pay but we’ve decided to take a risk. We both know we have to adjust our expenses to make way for our dream house. We’ve invested almost half of our earnings for the monthly bill but we did not mind that. We are aiming for our own house since we’ve been renting for months.

4 years later, our house’s value went up to 1.6 Million. It was a great choice indeed. It was a good investment. We may have to pay for it for another 30 years but who cares. After 30 years, I wonder what the value of my house will be.

People are getting wiser year after year. They understand value, they understand investments. The world is ever changing and we will surely be left out if we will not go with the flow. It may cost a lot of money now, but the return is worth it. Real Estate is here to stay for another 20-50 years. That’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “Real Estate 20 years later

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    1. Exactly. Though, a lot of products come out almost every year and don’t mind how it’s value depreciate, especially kids nowadays. However, if you do think about the future, better invest in things that you think would increase its value even after 2 years.


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