Real Estate Customer Service

Mr. & Mrs. Smith are looking for a 2-story house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathtubs. They want to be able to transfer as soon as possible and celebrate holidays at their new house.

However, they don’t know how and where to start. They don’t even know if there is any available house that suits their needs.

So they went and looked for a Real Estate agent and found Mary. Mary was a Real Estate agent for only a month however she is confident about getting Mr. & Mrs. Smith their new house and transfer there before holidays. She took over the job and went looking for a house that best suits the family.  Mary was not thinking about the sale at this moment but to get them their house. She’s thought, as long as the client needs are met, money will follow.

A great customer service is the first step to get your hands on that sale. Being able to answer all your clients query with confidence and care gives them a great picture of who you are and can even recommend you to family and friends, maximizing your circle and will expand your business.

Think about what your customers want. Yet, don’t settle for what they want, you have to know what they need. Give them options. Customers often don’t know what they need until you hand it to them. You need to think outside the box and put yourself on their shoe, it would be easier to understand them that way.

Customer Service is important in the Real Estate Industry because this industry is getting bigger and bigger every time. Customers can transfer from one agent to another if not treated properly.  It’s either you can gain so much or lose a lot. Treat your customers properly and they will pay you back way more.


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