I’m your Rockstar VA


You currently have a lot on your hand today. A new addition to the family is on its way. Your sister is getting married. You were informed about your promotion and that a client is on the plane, ready to meet you in a couple days. All happening at the same time, at the same day you mentioned you found your perfect home a few blocks away.

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate these good news and get ready to meet that client? But would you let go of that perfect home you just found because your hands are tied?

You don’t have to!

I’m Gel and I’m a Rockstar VA. Let me help you get things done.

As an individual, I am goal oriented, career-driven and optimistic. I am flexible and I am adaptive to the ever changing nature of a business.  I am open to criticism as I find this a good way for me to develop myself and to know my weaknesses and turn it into strengths. Though I can’t say that I am a perfect person, but I learn fast and I can work with less supervision. As long as I have the basic information that I need, I can go ahead and do the job for you since I can multitask if needed. I am a mother after all.

I’m a type of person who always find ways to go just about anything. In case of online issues, I tend not to stop not unless I find the solution. It seems that I can’t properly rest not unless a job is done. I rarely ask resolutions but instead find it myself. I can say that I’m an excellent online researcher. I have developed this skill way back when I was still with my previous employer.

For future reference, I also good with video editing. If you need help with editing, I am the right person for the job. I am the one who always create videos for family and friends. They contact me if they need editing done and I can say that I am good with this.

I don’t see myself as an employee for every company that I worked for, but instead I always think about myself as a part of the business. I do my fair share to make sure that this business grows. Since I am a part of your business, do expect me to do my fair share of reaching your goals.


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