Know This Before Choosing a Listing Agent



You have been promoted by your boss and will be relocated to a new city next month, yet you have second thoughts on moving. You have been in this town for quite some time, got married and was blessed with two wonderful daughters. You understand that it would be another task for you to sell your property and leave everything behind.

Your hands are full. Frequent conference calls, school meetings, group dinners and late night movie dates. All of that while looking for that particular buyer to enjoy your house as much as you did.

It would be nice to do the job yourself, it’s your house anyway. However, it would be great to let professionals do it for you.  Yes, it will cost you money however, it will surely save you time.bpo-agent-broker-price-opinion-bpo-jobs




Listing Agents are trained professionals and the best part is, they have connections. If you want to get this done quickly and on-time, look for people who will help you get the job done. This will allow you to do your everyday tasks without worrying about the house that you are about to sell. Getting a good agent would help you get the best value for your home to attract more buyers and close a deal quickly.

There are three types of agreements you can choose from when dealing with a Listing Agent.  These are:

  1. Open Listing – is a non-exclusive listing wherein the owner may execute with more than one real estate agents and pay only a selling broker’s commission to the agent who brings a buyer. However, the owner can still choose to sell the house themselves.
  2. Exclusive Agency Listing – this is more likely the same as the Open Listing Agreement however, this time, the agent is representing the buyer. Instead of just a selling broker’s commission, the owner pays the agent a listing commission.
  3. Exclusive Right-to-Sell Listing – this is the most commonly utilized agreements among the three types. This gives an exclusive right to the agent to earn a commission by representing the owner and bringing a buyer. In this agreement, the owner pays both the selling broker and listing fees. This time, the owner cannot sell the property themselves without paying a commission. If you are the owner, it would be preferable to let the agent do all the job, because either way, you need to give them a commission.

Letting go of a property may be hard for some but getting the right people to do the job would make it less of a hassle. You don’t have to worry yourself over something that could be fixed by simply hiring an able Listing Agent. Remember, these agents are highly-skilled professionals. They are good at what they are doing. They have been through thorough trainings and received all necessary certifications to excel in this field. All you need to do is to trust them in making sure that you get the best value for your house and close the deal on time. thumbs_up_through_wall_T


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